'What If' video to be aired on Italian, Swedish & Albanian TV

'What If' video will be aired on Italian, Swedish & Albanian music television between 5th & 11th February. 

  • Digitalb 61 - Albania
  • Eden TV - DTT 86 - Italy 
  • Fjorton TV - 14 - Sweden
  • GT Channel - DTT 650 - Italy
  • LaQtv - DTT 88 & 810 - Italy
  • Reggio TV - DTT 14 - Italy
  • RTUA TV Orvieto - VP - DTT 271 - Italy
  • Tele Futura - DTT 172 - Italy
  • Tele Radio Sciacca - DTT 19 - Italy
  • Tele Vallo - Italy


28 January 2018

Radio Airplay Update

All unsigned FM are playing 'Take your seats' on rotation for 4 weeks.

Trend City Radio are playing 'Weather Maps' for 4 weeks on rotation. Help me maintain my top 20 artists status by downloading the Trend City Radio app and voting Dr Optimiser.

Tee Radio in the Philippines have been playing 'What If' over the last week.

A radio publisher will shortly be playing my tracks on radio stations across 33 countries.

28 January 2018


PRESS RELEASE: New Album 'Tremor'

Released: New Album ‘Tremor’ from Dr Optimiser

Album Release Date: 31 October 2017

BRISTOL, UK, 11 November 2017— To celebrate the launch of his new album – Tremor, Dr Optimiser has made Tremor free to listen to online until the end of 2017. 

Propelled by the successful of 2 songs receiving airplay on Steve Lamacq show on BBC Radio. Dr Optimiser has produced his best album to date. Tremor pulls together orchestral undertones, break beat and carefully mastered electro riffs.

Dr Optimiser has made the Tremor album available to listen to for free on his website. The whole album will be available to listen online until the end of 2017. Tremor will be available to purchase in CD format or via digital download from the website throughout this period. Please feel free to play the tracks, review and write blog articles.


11 November 2017

Neil Garrett