A record 7 tracks in the Euro Indie Music Top 100 this week

At the time of writing Dr Optimiser has 7 tracks in the Euro Indie Music Chart Top 100.

  • Scratch My Mango

  • Socially Mobile

  • Crimea

  • Spikes

  • Dust in the Oven

  • Oxytocin

  • The Theorist

Reviews of Dr Optimiser's new album 'Borders'

Dr Optimiser’s new album ‘Borders’ will be released on 1 March 2019. Below are some pre-reviews of the album.

Review by Indie Band Guru


Review by Entrophy Magazine


Sparkling Sound Blog


08 February 2019

Memories charts at No. 52 in the Euro Indie Charts

The weekly Euro Indie Chart is out today. Memories has charted at number 52, the highest position of any Dr Optimiser track. Many thanks to those of you who voted for me. The chart is a combination of public votes, airplay and video plays. Don’t forget to vote again this week:


I also won the Euro Indie Chart video magazine competition last week. Thanks for the votes.


24 October 2018

Memories in the nominations for 2018 Desperado Revue and 2018 GK awards

Memories has been included in the latest mini pack from www.indiemusicpeople.com. http://indiemusicpeople.com/stationGen.aspx?stationID=8252

Memories has also been nominated for a 2018 GK award.

01 October 2018

New Video for Memories added to YouTube

I have added a new music video to my YouTube channel. Memories was written and recorded as a tribute to all the families impacted by the Manchester bombing and Grenfell Tower tragedies.

Please listen, like and share with your friends and family. https://youtu.be/WOxlPAw7ehA

Work is going well on my next album. I am hoping to have it ready for early 2019.

12 August 2018

4 Tracks in the top 100 Euro Indie Charts

There are currently 4 Dr Optimiser tracks in the Euro Indie Charts. Below are the highest charting positions to date:

  • No.70 - What If
  • No.62 - Honey Bees
  • No.65 - 100 Steps to the Shoreline
  • No.73 - Weather Maps
  • No.157 - Memories

The chart scores a number of factors such as airplay, but also allows public voting. Please vote for the tracks you like to get these tracks into the top 50. You can vote here http://goo.gl/forms/3VE2CeuvmX by scrolling down to the bottom, selecting the other button and typing Dr Optimiser - Track Name from the list above.

12 July 2018

7.5/10 - Album Review by Digital Dope

Digital Dope have published an album review for Tremor.  


"Neil Garrett's (DrOptimiser's) Tremor album, has a vast variety of instrumentals, all seeming to take on different genres then the previous tracks.

For instance the first track on the album "Dark Side in Tremor" takes a more classical, electronic feel... and a later track "Nigel's Gone Dancing" has a EDM/Dubstep/DnB feel to it. 

Listening to this two tracks alone really show you Dr Optimiser's talent and capability to produce multiple genres, which a lot of people tend to struggle in doing.

"What if"... my personal favourite track felt really nostalgic to me and made me reflect on childhood memories... in fact it had a similar effect on me as Home - Resonance

All in all I think this album has amazing potential for Film/Tv projects with its captivating instrumentals that are at a extremely high production standard  and will definitely like to see more from Dr Optimiser!"



'What If' video to be aired on Italian, Swedish & Albanian TV

'What If' video will be aired on Italian, Swedish & Albanian music television between 5th & 11th February. 

  • Digitalb 61 - Albania
  • Eden TV - DTT 86 - Italy 
  • Fjorton TV - 14 - Sweden
  • GT Channel - DTT 650 - Italy
  • LaQtv - DTT 88 & 810 - Italy
  • Reggio TV - DTT 14 - Italy
  • RTUA TV Orvieto - VP - DTT 271 - Italy
  • Tele Futura - DTT 172 - Italy
  • Tele Radio Sciacca - DTT 19 - Italy
  • Tele Vallo - Italy


28 January 2018

Radio Airplay Update

All unsigned FM are playing 'Take your seats' on rotation for 4 weeks.

Trend City Radio are playing 'Weather Maps' for 4 weeks on rotation. Help me maintain my top 20 artists status by downloading the Trend City Radio app and voting Dr Optimiser.

Tee Radio in the Philippines have been playing 'What If' over the last week.

A radio publisher will shortly be playing my tracks on radio stations across 33 countries.

28 January 2018